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    Enjoy a Bone In Cowboy Ribeye 16-18 oz Certified Angus Beef, meaning top quality
  • Dry Aged Boneless Ribeye, 12-14 oz Certified Angus Beef All American Beef
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    Filet Mignon

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    Ball cut center cut Filet mignon, 8 oz of tenderness and flavor
  • The Majestic Porterhouse, huge filet size and strip 48 oz of Certified Angus Beef All American Beef
  • Prime Grade Ribeye Boneless, 16-18 oz Certified Angus Beef All American Beef
  • Boneless Ribeye, Wagyu A5 Japanese Beef Smooth buttery rich flavor, extremely tender
  • It's grilling season and we all love to get together and have fun. Watch the game with friends, have a cookout and feed your crowd the tastiest, fall off the bone dino beef back ribs, the best cookout ever !  Our Beef Ribs can be  cooked in oven, smoker, grill, sous vide, anything! Feed 4-6 friends, or cook some- save some for another time, package comes about 6-8 lbs , 3-4 dino beef ribs total :) HUGE MEATY RIBSAlso, here's a video link to our YouTube channel for a recipe :)https://youtu.be/83eEEC4cQSUThese ribs are a jaw dropper! easy, tasty, gourmet at home! About 6-8 lbs , 3-4 dino ribs total :) HUGE MEATY RIBSIf you're not in Wilmington NC, we suggest order online and we will ship the dino ribs in an insulated container plus dry ice to keep them at temp, we'll email you a tracking number for your order as well. Shipments go out Monday thru Wednesday to ensure you get your meats on time. Call us with any questions :)If you are in Wilmington, just stop by our store to check out everything we have plus more, if you prefer, you can give us a call /text so we can put your desired item on " reserve" so you can just pick it up when it's convenient for you.These ribs are a jaw dropper! easy, tasty, gourmet at home! About 6-8 lbs , 3-4 dino ribs total :) HUGE MEATY RIBS*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
  • Wagyu Ribs, BonelessNaturally raised on the open ranges of Eastern Australia reaching an outstanding marble score of 9+, full blood wagyu beef, destined to satisfy the most sophisticated beef connoisseur. #butteryflavor and sweet beef flavor.When cooking, we do not marinate this piece, we just cook it, we add salt and pepper and we cut it into strips and use our cast iron to cook it, of course you can also grill or smoke it, either way, you are in for the winning. Receive 2 loins of Wagyu Boneless Ribs, at about 6-7 lbs total between them.Over 10,000 cuts of Wagyu >> click on the link for video! You can also call 910 799 0284 for more info or just stop by the Meat Store for More Than Meats The Eye!Check out our Youtube channel for easy recipes :)Food will arrive in a insulated box with dry ice, we will send you a tracking number to the email you provide, bon apetit :)
  • Enjoy Ground Venison and Venison SausagesFarm Raised in New Zealand, free range, grass fed, all natural ground venisonReceive 2 packages of one lb of ground venison each, and 4 Venison sausages*see details below  
  • The Most Luxurious Beef in The World is HereWAGYU Beef  is artfully marbled , with delicate yet explosive flavor.Eating Wagyu Beef feels like the meat was poached in butter.Feed Yourself the Best Beef in the World. This is your opportunity to experience WAGYU.This is a Life Event ;)Wagyu Beef, Australian Skirt Steak Grade 9, high marble, more beefy flavor*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
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     Ribeye Bone In Steaks and Filet Mignons America's Choice Gourmet Ribeye Bone In Selection and Filet MignonsA Ribeye is a classic cut known for its abundant marbling and rich flavor, these Ribeyes are sure to please! Filets are tender and lean, we suggest to cook them with your favorite butter.Enjoy four Ribeyes and four Filet Mignons (8 steaks in total)Eat The Best Food, Eat Gourmet at Home with America's Choice Gourmet.*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
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    It's grilling season! Get together and have fun and eat like a boss! Presenting certified angus beef steaks, aged 21 days for peak tenderness This party pack has all favorites:
    • 2, T Bone Steaks 20-22 oz avg,  Iconic steak , did you know you get two steaks in one? Bold and beefy New York Strip on one side and mild tender filet mignon on the other separated by the T shape bone.  You can enjoy the best Steak on the menu at home, and you won't have to make any reservations...
    • 4, 12 oz New York Strips, boneless and perfect to share, enjoy it all at once or keep in your freezer for future fancy dinners. Enjoy it rare, medium rare or medium. New York Strip falls between the filet and ribeye on both tenderness and flavor scales presenting solid middle ground.
    • 2, 20 oz Cowboy Ribeye or Bone in Ribeye, Great dinner choice, remember best temperature is 130F, aim for a nice medium rare, perfect meat for your cast iron or grill. The technique of "reverse searing" works great with this steak. You can also try the " sous vide" cooking method, (videos in our Youtube channel ) We make the best ribeyes in our sous vide and finish them on the cast iron! Tip: if there's any leftover we save them for next day, and then we have steak & eggs for breakfast, not bad, uh?
    Order comes in an insulated box with dry ice and we’ll send an email with your a tracking number, order ships from Monday thru Wednesday.*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
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    Do you have a cookout coming up? We've got your back with our premium Pork Case! Very Tasty and easy to cook. Order now and receive all these gourmet flavors:Bacon, thick cut, 3 lbs Cooked Ribs 10 servings Stuffed Pork Chops 3 lbs Pork Roast 3 lbs Boneless Pork Chops 3 lbs                                                                                                                                                                      Italian Sausage 16 servings*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
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    Our seafood delightEach case includes these variety pack for you to enjoy great quality restaurant food at home. We have all favorites, if you have a large party, you can entertain more than 35 people , with sides you would feed double, or more as you receive about 60 servings of seafood.It's very easy to cook, and we can give you details on how to steam the lobsters,  grill the tuna steaks and more recipes here. Perfect for meal prep and for a heatlhy diet.Whole Cooked Lobsters, just steam and enjoy with some melted butter.Salmon, filets, simply bake them 420 F for about 15 mins and if it doesn't look done cover for 3-5 more because residual heat will continue to cook the meat and the internal temperature will continue to rise even if after is off the heat.When the salmon flakes easily with a fork, it's ready. Reaching an internal temp of 145 or less for medium.Tuna Steaks, we love these tuna steaks medium rare, we have grilled them and treated them like a prime steak, so we seared it both sides and let it rest, it doesn't take long to cook them with a hot 450 F grill, it's up to you what temperature you'd like, for me, rare is the way to go and they are delicious and they go very well with our marinade or you can melt butter and garlic, or brush them with coconut oil and curry as they cook on the grill. 10 servings of  YUMMLarge Argentine Pink Shrimp, tastes like a mini lobster, sweet and perfect with these plates: Penne Alfredo with Shrimp, House Salad with Shrimp, Shrimp & Grits, Grilled shrimp sandwich, also grilled shrimp is a great appetizer for any crowd!Gourmet Stuffed Flounder , gourmet ready to cook and serve! No need to go to the store for extras, simply preheat your grill to 420 F, for easier clean up lay a foil sheet add butter on top and bottom of fish and cook your Stuffed Flounder for about 10 minutes depending on your grills temp, also we have used the middle rack so it can have more "even" heat around the meat. It's done when it reaches an internal temp of 145F. Enjoy it with salad or serve over bed of jasmine rice.Cod Fillets, perfect for the grill or you can thaw out the fillets overnight or over running water for a few minutes and then pat dry with a paper towel and dunk them in beer batter and deep fry them, and serve while hot with some tartar sauce and chips, the famous, Fish & Chips! See Chef Ramsey's recipe :)*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
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    America's Choice Gourmet Juicy Easy Chef Chicken CaseOur chicken is antibiotic free and hormone free. Our breasts go thru a process called flash freezing, increasing preservation time while maintaining flavor, texture, and overall moisture of the product by being subjected to cryogenic temperatures, or direct contact with liquid nitrogen at -196 C.Our customers love this Easy Chef case! Why?Save time : Already marinated, you don't need to look for exotic spices, or have extra time to meal prep, this is already done!Easy to cook : Just preheat your oven to 425 F and bake it from frozen for about 25 mins. Remove the breasts from the bag, and you don't need to flip them. Add them to your favorite salads, soups and sandwiches!
    Portion controlled : If you are on your way to a healthier life, we recommend chicken as a source of lean protein. Fat is already trimmed and each cut of chicken is about 6 oz leaving enough room in your plate for your favorite veggies! When you develop good eating habits, you keep a healthy metabolism and overall good health. Remember eating lean protein will make you feel full for longer so you avoid overeating, and you will enjoy extra energy! Click on this link to check out recipe ideas for Gourmet at Home!
    Enjoy all of our delicious flavors :)
    • White Wine & Herbs Chicken Breasts
    • Chipotle Bourbon
    • Asian seasoned BBQ Breasts
    • Sundried Tomato & Basil Breasts
    • Chicken Tenders for everyone! And add your own twist to plain breasts
    Order online and receive Easy Chef at Home, you'll receive about 60 cuts, 72 servings approximately. Use all at once and feed a big crowd or keep it your freezer and enjoy at any time. No more last minute trips to spend extra, and already Gourmet for you, the easiest way to eat!Orders ship on Mon, Tues and Wednesdays. We add dry ice to your order so it will arrive safely! Happy Eating!Check out these links for some of our Youtube videos on how to cook juicy chicken breasts! We have sous vide them, baked them, grilled them, boiled them, and we uploaded some of these easy ways on the interwebs :)*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.
  • Striploin of Elk, farmed raised in New Zealand on clean, free range ranches, expect tenderness and full flavor, sweet ruby color and the best temp is served at, no more than  130 F internal temp . Simply delicious, one of our favorite lean mean machine loin .Check out what our Chefs are cooking in the pics !! You can do it too :) ORDER NOW and receive 1 lb of  Ground VENISON (red tail)  farm rasied in NZ for FREE!! yes 1 lb of Ground Venison for FREE!! #elk #redtaildeer