The Most Luxurious Beef in The World is Here

WAGYU Beef  is artfully marbled , with delicate yet explosive flavor.

Eating Wagyu Beef feels like the meat was poached in butter.

Feed Yourself the Best Beef in the World. This is your opportunity to experience WAGYU.

This is a Life Event. Yolo, you’re welcome.

We have 3 options for you, so if you’re feeding 3 people or a crowd of 10, we got your back 🙂

Wagyu Skirt grade 9, super marble,  and 2 racks of Wagyu Back ribs

Wagyu Skirt grade 5, medium high marble, and 2 racks of Wagyu Back ribs

Wagyu American Flank, medium high marble, and 4 racks of Wagyu Back ribs

*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.


WAGYU is NOW available, order NOW before it’s gone.. This is an exclusive meat. Enjoy!

These are some options for Wagyu :

We have Wagyu Skirt grade 9 Australian Wagyu, the skirt steak is a thin, long, cut, and in this case we have outside skirt, which is much better than inside skirt, this Wagyu Outside Skirt is from the diaphragm muscle, between the sixth and twelfth rib,  and this one in particular weights about 3 lbs, feeds 3-5 people, consider using your leftover for eggs in the morning…if any!

Wagyu Outside Skirt grade 5 Australian Wagyu, if  this is your first time trying wagyu, this would be a great way to introduce Wagyu into your life, expect a rich flavor, with a nice beef punch, meaning is not overly buttery but rather  ” beefier” than a grade 9 skirt. Package comes with 2 Skirts, total weights about 6-7 lbs, feeds about 4-6 people for one flank, so 8-12 if cooking both.

Wagyu American Flank, package comes with 2 cuts, total weight is about 5 lbs, the Flank is cut from the flank of the steer below the loin and sirloin, running from the rib end of the animal to the hip or hump, it has long thick muscle fibers, typically a lean cut, but in the Wagyu version of this cut, it’s incredible, it has the beefy flavor you crave and richness that adds tenderness, perfect for tyour grill, cut it thinly and grill it fast or marinade overnight and make fajitas. You can also slow cook it, or high heat cook it on your grill, chop for salads, stir fry dishes, best when cooken between 125 and 135 F. Please do not over cook, and best when served hot right out of the grill or cast iron.


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Wagyu Cuts

Skirt G9 and Back Ribs, Skirt G5 and Back Ribs, Wagyu American Flanks and Back Ribs