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The Most Luxurious Beef in The World is Here

WAGYU Beef  is artfully marbled , with delicate yet explosive flavor.

Eating Wagyu Beef feels like the meat was poached in butter.

Feed Yourself the Best Beef in the World. This is your opportunity to experience WAGYU.

This is a Life Event. Yolo, you’re welcome.



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WAGYU is NOW available, order NOW before it’s gone.. This is an exclusive meat. Enjoy!

Do you like to cut your own meat? Here’s a whole Striploin for you, you can slice it and give it any thickness you want, have fun! Best competitive sale price  $38/lb. Enjoy 12-14 lbs of Gold.

Wagyu Beef patties, for the best cookouts. Enjoy 4, 8 oz patties

New York Strips, 16 oz full flavor. Serve alone with a rosemary sprig and best paired with a glass of Malbec…the best restaurant is at home.

12 Center Cut Ribeyes 14 oz : off the hook !! delicious tenderness, eat all at once or, how about Wagyu for breakfast too? These are cut from the best part, the center and it’s extra tender because its Wagyu and Center cut, double tender taste!

Tomahawk, a steak with handle. Enjoy 2, 32 oz of these great looking, head turner, marble-ous show off Tomahawk Ribeye $75/lbs

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Wagyu Cuts

Burgers 10 lbs, Whole Striploin 12-14 lbs, Chuck Eye Roll 8 lbs


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