John Mullins, CEO

Hello Everyone!

We are so happy you decided to check us out, let me tell you about our passion : Feeding America!

Wondering if there is a more affordable, all-natural option towards feeding your family?

Nestled amongst the tall pines of Wilmington, North Carolina there exists such a place. A family-operated business that prides itself on the value they can provide to you.

Established by CEO, John Mullins in 2011, America’s Choice Gourmet is the local place to go for all your meat-based hunger needs. After a displeasing experience working in the wholesale industry, John found it ideal to offer a service that would allow customers to purchase USDA Prime all-natural chicken, seafood, pork or beef in bulk; to provide an affordable option towards feeding families made easy, by delivering right to their doorstep.

Each package includes variety, and individual cuts are hand-selected to offer a gourmet, and even exotic experience.

Originally a service that was only available to wholesalers, John has opened the doors of his Northchase-based business to the public, and is happy to share his knowledge about meat with individual consumers each and every day.

Throughout the years, John has continued to expand his business to provide affordability, quality, and a variety of over 50+ exotic meats to the doorsteps of families across North Carolina. There is no catch, John simply wants to make feeding America as beneficial to all as possible.

When you walk in the doors of ACG you can expect to be greeted by the friendly faces of both John, and his fiancée Cynthia who joined the team in 2013. Cynthia, originally hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is also known as beef country, is as equally versed in her steak orientation! She is consistantly working on recipes for new and returning customers, which you can easily check out on their website. Where would we be without her personability and expertise in marketing to share this incredible business with others.

In addition, this meat power couple both cooks and samples all the food they receive before delivery to their audience, so you can be sure they are keen on their suggestions. Cynthia has even gone the extra mile to incorporate her love of beef from back home by curating a signature Chimichurri sauce to compliment your beef purchases. And because, they don’t stop innovating, they have partnered with Wilmington base chefs and incorporated the new Surfer Slapping Sauce and Boss Bell’s BBQ in their Gourmet sauces selection and also feature new culinary gadgets such as sous vide devices, just what you need for perfect precise cooking, every time.

If you are not located directly in Wilmington, you can get excited because ACG has now been seen doing demos and shows at local farmer’s markets including the areas of Hubert, Jacksonville and Ogden Park in NC

If you happen to catch them out and about you will be sure to engage in some foodie talk, as they are eager to share their love of food, with a community they love dearly.

John and Cynthia are proud to support their local veterans, teachers and fire departments by offering discounts or even free food events throughout the year.

In addition, as John is actively involved in the fitness community, he has not only been a local MMA athlete sponsor, but also an avid cheering squad for his former high school wrestling team of Laney!

Both John and Cynthia are extremely personable foodies who are thrilled to be expanding their business across the state, because they know that America deserves to be nourished with quality, affordable food.

Come experience the difference that is America’s Choice Gourmet. A wholesaler of USDA PRIME all-natural beef, chicken, seafood, pork and exotic meats, so LET’S MEAT ????

We established our company as a less expensive alternative to grocery stores, and a healthier alternative to competing wholesale companies

We want to bring your groceries to you, and by doing this, we enhance your shopping experience, imagine : a free regional home delivery service !

At America’s Choice Gourmet, we realize that the best way to grow our business is through your grilling adventures to come and share!

Provide our customers with the best experience, and reward them for spreading the word. Remember our “Steak-to-Mouth” advertising!

From this ideal, we set up our referral based growth system, which offers free food to those who share our name with family and friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Why Prime Beef?

At America’s Choice Gourmet, we sell USDA choice and prime beef

You get real food, and nothing but the food when you shop with us.