Ribeyes & Filet Mignons

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 Ribeye Bone In Steaks and Filet Mignons
America’s Choice Gourmet Ribeye Bone In Selection and Filet Mignons

A Ribeye is a classic cut known for its abundant marbling and rich flavor, these Ribeyes are sure to please! Filets are tender and lean, we suggest to cook them with your favorite butter.

Enjoy four Ribeyes and four Filet Mignons (8 steaks in total)

Eat The Best Food, Eat Gourmet at Home with America’s Choice Gourmet.

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America’s Choice Gourmet  Ribeye, Bone In, Frenched 20-22 oz oz  and Filet Mignons 8 oz

Ribeyes steaks are harvested from the rib section of beef, it’s cut from the rib primal portion of the rib section typically spanning ribs six through 12. Our steaks are Angus Beef , rich and super beefy!

Four Ribeyes and Four Filet Mignons (8 steaks in total)

Take advantage of these delicious rich and yummy steaks, we recommend grilling them medium rare or rare.

  •  Individually wrapped, so it’s better for portion control, dieting, and you save money because your steak will stay fresh.
  • When you buy from the regular grocery store you have to eat your food within a few days or it will go bad, if you freeze it, you change the molecular structure of your food, and then you have to thaw it out… vacuum sealed and flash frozen products keep  moisture and meat fibers fresh
  • A simpler better way: having America’s Choice Gourmet steak in your freezer is the way to go, no waste, no last minute trips to the store to spend extra, save time and money! The vacuum seal locks in flavor too 😉
  • How can you get this awesome cut? Order online and get it delivered to your home, we include dry ice in your insulated shipment and you will receive a tracking number as well via email.  Or you can order online and pick up in Wilmington, near the beach 😉 buying gourmet food has never been this fast! We would love to meat ya, so you are welcome to visit our store and enjoy a one on one meal planning session with us!


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Two Ribeyes & Two Filets, Four Ribeyes & Four Filets