Prime Beef Steaks Party Pack

Prime Beef Steaks Party Pack

$299.00 $199.00

It’s grilling season! Get together and have fun, and eat like a BOSS!

This party pack has all favorites:

  • 2,20 oz  Prime T Bone Steaks, everybody dreams to order this amazing cut of beef at a restaurant. Keep in mind, this is graded Prime so it would cost you more than $100 a plate! Don’t worry, we’re here to help! You can enjoy the best Steak on the menu, and you won’t have to make any reservations.
  • 4, 12 oz Prime New York Strips, also known as Kansas City steak, very tasty cut, boneless and perfect to share, enjoy it all at once or keep in your freezer for future fancy dinners
  • 2, 20 oz Cowboy Ribeye or Bone in Ribeye, Great dinner choice, remember best temperature is 130F, or a nice medium rare, perfect meat for cast iron, grill, reverse searing or sous vide, we love reibeyes in ur sous vide and cast iron finish by the way! Tip: if there’s any leftover we save them for next day, and we typically have steak & eggs for breakfast, not bad, uh?

Order comes with dry ice and we’ll send you a tracking number, order ships from Monday thru Wednesday

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Grill Party Pack is the way to go!

These selected cuts of meat are vacuum seal to maintain their freshness. They are individually pack so you don’t have to cook everything at once, you can choose what you would like to serve and gives you the choice to have multiple cookouts.

We recommend a bold wine to pair with these exclusive selected cuts. I prefer Malbec because of the rich plum and aged oak flavor helps to accent the pink beef at its best or a Cabernet if you’d like a sweeter but still hearty option to pair with Bone in Ribeyes or Porterhouse steaks. For the New York Strips, we suggest beer all the way! Great with a crisp Ale if it’s too hot  or any Stout if you dare 😉  Cheers!


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