America’s Choice Gourmet Juicy Easy Chef Chicken Case

Our chicken is antibiotic free and hormone free. Our breasts go thru a process called flash freezing, increasing preservation time while maintaining flavor, texture, and overall moisture of the product by being subjected to cryogenic temperatures, or direct contact with liquid nitrogen at -196 C.

Our customers love this Easy Chef case! Why?

Save time : Already marinated, you don’t need to look for exotic spices, or have extra time to meal prep, this is already done!

Easy to cook : Just preheat your oven to 425 F and bake it from frozen for about 25 mins. Remove the breasts from the bag, and you don’t need to flip them. Add them to your favorite salads, soups and sandwiches!

Portion controlled : If you are on your way to a healthier life, we recommend chicken as a source of lean protein. Fat is already trimmed and each cut of chicken is about 6 oz leaving enough room in your plate for your favorite veggies! When you develop good eating habits, you keep a healthy metabolism and overall good health. Remember eating lean protein will make you feel full for longer so you avoid overeating, and you will enjoy extra energy! Click on this link to check out recipe ideas for Gourmet at Home!
Enjoy all of our delicious flavors 🙂
  • White Wine & Herbs Chicken Breasts
  • Chipotle Bourbon
  • Asian seasoned BBQ Breasts
  • Sundried Tomato & Basil Breasts
  • Chicken Tenders for everyone!
    And add your own twist to plain breasts

Order online and receive Easy Chef at Home, you’ll receive about 60 cuts, 72 servings approximately. Use all at once and feed a big crowd or keep it your freezer and enjoy at any time. No more last minute trips to spend extra, and already Gourmet for you, the easiest way to eat!

Orders ship on Mon, Tues and Wednesdays. We add dry ice to your order so it will arrive safely! Happy Eating!

Check out these links for some of our Youtube videos on how to cook juicy chicken breasts! We have sous vide them, baked them, grilled them, boiled them, and we uploaded some of these easy ways on the interwebs 🙂

*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.