Elk Loin, Boneless


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Striploin of Elk, farmed raised in New Zealand on clean, free range ranches, expect tenderness and full flavor, sweet ruby color and the best temp is served at, no more than  130 F internal temp . Simply delicious, one of our favorite lean mean machine loin .

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Out of stock

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Our Elk striploin is about 2 lbs and boneless, we enjoyed every step of cooking this meat, we vacummed sealed the elk with an activated charcoal seasoning and organic black truffle butter, then we used the sous vide cooking method for internal precision temp and after 4 hrs of cooking in the sous vide,we seared it on the cast iron, final temp was 130F, very tender and smooth elk flavor.

So you can sous vide , oven bake or smoke it, you can cook the whole loin or cut it in different servings, the fun is up to you. Enjoy! please cook at 130 F internal temp for great taste and tender texture.