Our seafood delightEach case includes these variety pack for you to enjoy great quality restaurant food at home. We have all favorites, if you have a large party, you can entertain more than 35 people , with sides you would feed double, or more as you receive about 60 servings of seafood.It's very easy to cook, and we can give you details on how to steam the lobsters,  grill the tuna steaks and more recipes here. Perfect for meal prep and for a heatlhy diet.Whole Cooked Lobsters, just steam and enjoy with some melted butter.Salmon, filets, simply bake them 420 F for about 15 mins and if it doesn't look done cover for 3-5 more because residual heat will continue to cook the meat and the internal temperature will continue to rise even if after is off the heat.When the salmon flakes easily with a fork, it's ready. Reaching an internal temp of 145 or less for medium.Tuna Steaks, we love these tuna steaks medium rare, we have grilled them and treated them like a prime steak, so we seared it both sides and let it rest, it doesn't take long to cook them with a hot 450 F grill, it's up to you what temperature you'd like, for me, rare is the way to go and they are delicious and they go very well with our marinade or you can melt butter and garlic, or brush them with coconut oil and curry as they cook on the grill. 10 servings of  YUMMLarge Argentine Pink Shrimp, tastes like a mini lobster, sweet and perfect with these plates: Penne Alfredo with Shrimp, House Salad with Shrimp, Shrimp & Grits, Grilled shrimp sandwich, also grilled shrimp is a great appetizer for any crowd!Gourmet Stuffed Flounder , gourmet ready to cook and serve! No need to go to the store for extras, simply preheat your grill to 420 F, for easier clean up lay a foil sheet add butter on top and bottom of fish and cook your Stuffed Flounder for about 10 minutes depending on your grills temp, also we have used the middle rack so it can have more "even" heat around the meat. It's done when it reaches an internal temp of 145F. Enjoy it with salad or serve over bed of jasmine rice.Cod Fillets, perfect for the grill or you can thaw out the fillets overnight or over running water for a few minutes and then pat dry with a paper towel and dunk them in beer batter and deep fry them, and serve while hot with some tartar sauce and chips, the famous, Fish & Chips! See Chef Ramsey's recipe :)*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.