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Two things are important when it comes to food: if it’s good, and who’s cookin’?

This is a superior quality Beef, this is Wagyu, the most luxurious beef available in the world. This grade is well known for its outstanding marble, the marble is what adds flavor to the meat, the marble is basically fat, and when it cooks, it melts like butter on your steak, adding flavor and tenderness. The only Beef that has this amount of flavor and tenderness combined is Wagyu Beef, another option is Kobe, and of course Prime Beef as well. Happy times when you eat the best!

We want to share how easy it was to cook this Tomahawk, perfect temp,135 F great looking and tasting steak. Highly impressed and satisfied! THE BEST RIBEYE EVER

A Tomahawk Steak is cut of ribeye that has five or more inches of extra rib bone for presentation and cooking purposes.  There are other names associated with Bone in Ribeye, for example, the Cowboy Ribeye, but the Tomahawk takes your breath away with its succulent look. The meat packer takes a cut of the ribeye and leaves the rib bone in to a lengh of about 20inch,which is were the navel begins. Then, they remove the excess meat and the bone is exposed, voila your, Tomahawk. It’s called “Tomahawk” cut because the steak with the long bone resembles a single handed axe… Can you handle that? lol

Stop by the store for this Exclusive Steak, depending our stock it may take up to 5-7 business days for your order to arrive. The best ribeye is a marbled one, so we have you covered. Our deluxe selection includes wagyu ribeyes, kobe dry aged rib eyes, prime beef briskets, and prime grade beef steaks as well. We are sure you will have plenty of meats for you to sous vide, smoke, and grill. Just stop by the store and receive a complementary gift with your first purchase.

Grilling this bad boy was unforgettable, we are so glad that we have other meats for you to try as well. Some people have never had prime beef before, now we can make it happen!

Tips for Grilling

Have your steaks at room temp before laying them on the grill, season well with salt and pepper, pat the seasoning, since it’s a thick steak, don’t be shy and salt & pepper it up.

An interesting note on “peppering” your steaks, when you cook with high heat, sometimes the heat is so hot it can burn the pepper leaving an unpleasant taste, same thing happens with garlic, it can burn and sour the meat a bit. So it’s up to you, if you want to get more technical: first season your meat with salt and at the end of its cooking, add your other spices.

Have a hot grill, more than 450F at least, does your grill have a hotter side? use that side to SEAR, and other side to cook. You could also do this using your burners.

Allow REST time, after cooking the steak, remove it from the grill and let it rest for 7-10 mins so that the juices can move from the center of the meat outward, making the entire cut more tender and juicy.

We added the steak on the hot grill searing it for about 7 mins on each side, cover on, turning it every 2 mins or so, so it can turn a dark caramel color on the crust. We removed the steak from the grill when it reached an internal temp of 117 F, because it takes about 10 mins for it to reach 10 degrees more, it was great timing!

This is the type of steak you must have once in a lifetime, at least! It looks and tastes so amazing due to its grade, a perfect gift for a graduation, Father’s Day, birthday, any special occasion is an occasion to treat yourself with the best food. If you like good things, like brand names, this type of beef grade and cut will take your breath away, Feed yourself the best food, click here.

Such a big daddy steak deserves great company, enjoy it with a glass of red wine such as Malbec, and your closest friends. It’s a big one, so if you want, you can share 😉

PS: Fido gets the bone!

Happy Wagyu Eating!