USDA Prime Porterhouse

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USDA Prime Beef Porterhouse Special Dinner for Two

A fancy meal at home is possible, and easy!

Give yourself the reward of Prime Beef!

Enjoy the Prime Life by having the best, tastiest gourmet steak at home! Keep in mind, this is the highest quality available and most groceries stores don’t carry this high grade. We are happy to share our best beef with you! When you buy from the regular grocery store you have to consume it within a few days, and sometimes it goes bad and you throw it away… When you buy smart in bulk, you can have steaks for months! It’s the best way to enjoy great quality food at home. Let’s meat!

Steaks will arrive in an insulated box with dry ice, we ship Monday thru Wednesday and we’ll send you a tracking number as well, happy grilling!

*We are currently offering pick up orders online, if you would like our meats shipped please call (910) 264-1277 to order.

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Delicious Steak, perfect for a special date or when you’re simply hungry for the Best

Porterhouse Steaks are cut from the short loin and it holds the New York Strip side and the tenderloin filet divided by the T- Bone shape.

These awesome steaks are made of two kinds of beef – tenderloin and strip, which cook at different rates and taste best at different temperatures. We’ve developed a secret trick to account for the different needs of each type of meat. When grilling your steak, build a flame on only one side of the grill. After searing the steak, cook it by keeping the strip section over the flame, pointing the filet toward the non-flame section. This will leave the filet slightly rarer, resulting in a better tasting steak. Bon appetit!

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two 20 oz steaks, two 22 oz steaks