USDA Prime Cowboy Ribeye – Bone In


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Cowboy Ribeyes are the best!

They look great on the grill and they taste amazing! So here’s a challenge: pick a day of your week, and once a week have a Prime Ribeye steak for dinner, eat steak like a BOSS!

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Why are Ribeyes so desired?

It’s because they come from the upper rib cage  which is not weight bearing and gets little exercise. Therefore, its tendernees;)

Also if you order this awesome steak at a restaurant, you have to consider that the steak needs to be graded Prime Beef, only luxurious restaurants carry this high quality and for one prime cowboy ribeye it  would cost you more than $59-$89 without sides.. when you visit our store , you’ll realize that the best food will be on your grill.

Once you experience the Prime Life, click here to get the full experience and eat steak literally whenever you want without leaving home, stay hungry steaklovers!





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Four 20 oz steaks, Two 20 oz steaks